What is Memory Trip?

Simply put, Memory Trip is a rock/blues band covering songs from the 60's through the 90's.  The band is dedicated to the idea of bringing back lost classics as well as performing more well known hits.  There's something for everyone.  They not only perform as an electric band but also as an acoustic act (more about that below).  


Memory Trip was formed by bassist/frontman Terry Vieregge in 2012 as a side project to an existing top 40 dance band Big Mouth.  Along with Jeff Davis on guitar/vocals and Chip Abernathy on drums,  the idea was to do something far and away from the current pop hits.  The concept was easy however the initial song selection was a little more difficult.  It became a delicate balance of finding the right songs that could be performed as a power trio and not being completely cliché.  The challenge was met.  

Over the following years Memory Trip played primarily during the weekdays.  During this time, their popularity grew.  The idea caught on!!!  In late 2015 it was decided that Memory Trip would go to full time.  

The Acoustic Show...

It's not just an acoustic version of Memory Trip's normal electric show, this is a whole other animal.  It is referred to often by the band as The All Request Acoustic Extravaganza.  The whole idea is to let the audience decide what they want to hear then the band tries to perform it (if they know it...enough).  This is based on the classic dueling piano bar theme.  The requests range from country to 80's metal to classic rock to R&B to TV theme songs to...well, you get the point.  This is a very interactive show and you can never predict what will happen next.  This consists of both Terry and Jeff on acoustic guitars and Chip on percussion.  You will be encouraged to come up with songs all night.  A good time will be had by all!!!

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